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RTC 2019


Crowne Plaza Hotel Beijing Chaoyang U-Town

10.24 -10.25


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Serving for RTC technology, this is a purely technical conference. Non-profit, to make developers affordable, and to learn new technologies.

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Whether the exploration of new technology stacks such as AI, 5G, VR, or the new framework like Flutter, you can hear the practice sharing of experts.
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Learn the technical experience and practice from overseas technical experts without going abroad. With real-time simultaneous interpretation, you can communicate directly with experts on site.

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Here, there are experienced architects to develop ideas for you, as well as the experience of the most Hard Core development, deep and simple, real and valueable stuff
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LISTEN TO THE Former Speakers

Shawn Zhong

Chief Scientist of Agora.io

Wang Tian

Chief scientist and lab deputy director of HUAWEI multimedia laboratory

Chen Jindong

Professor of Northwestern Polytechnical University

Richard Friedman

SVP Engineering of MeetMe

Huib Kleinhout

Product Manager at Google

Zoe Liu

Co-Founder, President, and Chief Scientist of Visionular

YueShi Shen

Twitch Principal Research Engineer

Call for Papers

The RTC Conference is the annual technical party of the global RTC developer community and has attracted tens of thousands of developers to exchange ideas. Now we are open to the entire community to invite lecturers. If you have a good topic worth sharing with your community partners, don’t hesitate to submit it to us.

The stage belongs to every developer, the spotlight is eager for new forces.We are your conference!



Summit forum

09:00 - 12:00

Real-time internet is born for real-time interaction. Today, more and more real-time interactions are integrated into online social, entertainment, games, work, study, consultation, reading, shopping, taxiing and sports. Those integrations dramatically improve the interactive experience, and even trigger a revolutionary change. The outbreak of real-time interactive scenarios is reshaping the process and experience of the Internet driving the trend of real-time Internet. RTC real-time audio and video technology, as the key underlying technology for real-time Internet, is rapidly iterating: In the areas of audio and video codec, ultra-high-definition audio and video, RTC begins to integrate with AI to bring optimized experience; in the area of transmission architecture and QoE quality, massive RTC concurrency is increased and higher definition and performance is achieved constantly; in the area of development practice, RTC is supported by the latest framework and new language quickly, can be simply implemented by few lines of code; in the area of technology ecosystem, the practices on real-time messaging, application accelerating and AI voice changing are conducted and optimized continually.

Technology session

14:00 - 17:00

The 5G era is approaching, and greater bandwidth means more capacity and faster data transmission. VR immersive video interaction, cloud gaming platform, intelligent terminal IoT, real-time application and transmission acceleration, remote unmanned driving... 5G era applications will be more "real time", more "high definition", more "interaction ". Will 5G bring out a new round of RTC real-time audio and video applications? What new challenges and possibilities will RTC technology face in the 5G era? This section will invite experts to look forward to the future.

14:00 - 17:00

Artificial intelligence is one of the future directions in the field of pan-technology. In many areas, such as machine learning, image and video recognition, natural language processing, speech recognition, and recommendation systems, artificial intelligence technologies are widely used and achieve major technological breakthroughs. This section will focus on the application of AI in RTC real-time audio and video fields. Many scientists and experts will share their views and opinions on how AI is combined with audio video processing, call quality improvement and real-time data analysis.

14:00 - 17:00

Audio and video codec is the core technology of RTC real-time audio and video with a very high threshold. In the past year, AV1 has went into services, AVS2 national standard landed, xAVS2 opened source. As the 5G era is coming, VR video, 4K, 8K and other ultra-high definitions have become a reality. This section invites domestic and international experts from the audio and video codec standards committee and representatives from the academic circles to explain the status and the future of major codec technologies.


Technology Summit

  • Big Front-end Application
  • QoE and Architecture
09:00 - 17:00

Supporting multiple platforms with a single set of code is the issue that every development team is thinking about. There are a number of popular cross-platform development frameworks, including Flutter, React Native, Electron, and more. In the RTC real-time audio and video application development process, it involves video rendering, audio and video pre-processing, recording and other professional techniques. How to deal with the cross-platform development framework? How is support for the various frameworks? This section will invite developers from well-known companies to share experiences and lessons from development practices.

9:00 - 17:00

The super-interactive channel with millions of people based on RTC technology is a typical high-concurrency scenario that achieve three important indicators: ultra-low latency, large scale and high quality. In the application of game group voice, social voice chat room, education interactive large class, etc., they all face the problem of the surge in concurrency. How to balance performance, availability and cost? How to ensure an uninterrupted technology upgrade and conduct scalable architecture design? How to ensure the flexible expansion of high-concurrency business? The senior architect will share the solutions in this section.

RTC Workshop

09:00 - 17:00

WebRTC is the most popular open source technology for RTC, and is many developers’ first project to get started with RTC. However, its compilation environment is complex, involving many front-end, audio and video and other technology stacks. In a word, it’s not easy for beginner. The WebRTC workshop will lead you from basic compilation to the latest framework extensions, from scratch to play. We will invite WebRTC experts and popular open source projects to teach how to master WebRTC quickly.


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  • Summit forum
  • Technology session
  • Lunches
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RTC Workshop

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  • A whole day training
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